The Moura Mysteries


The incredible story of Moura Budberg – baroness, spy and femme fatale!


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The Moura Mysteries

The Moura Mysteries

I want to prove the innocence of my aunt, but I may not succeed. No-one knows for sure what Aunt Moura really did and I may instead discover a terrible truth.

Baroness Moura Budberg was a Double Agent, a spy for the Soviets and the West from 1917-1960s. A femme fatale, mistress of Maxim Gorky, H.G. Wells and Bruce Lockhart. She smuggled her family out of Russia in the midst of the revolution and dined with the Tsar, the princess and politicians.

The KGB and MI5 held large files on her. A true legend, if there wasn’t a dark secret: her betrayal of 100’s to Stalin in order to ensure her own survival. What really happened? This film follows her story through Moscow, Estonia, Ukraine and Britain to find the real story of Secret Agent Moura.

Director Dimitri Collingridge
Producer Ben Lewis
Produced by Bergman Pictures ltd. in association with BBC & ZDF/ARTE
Duration 59 min.
Year of Production 2008
Original Title The Moura Mysteries