More Butter Please

10 episodes
29 min.
2 seasons

A brand new (not always so) fine cuisine show with two unusual Chefs

More Butter Please

More Butter Please

There’s no rationing the butter and plenty of playtime with ostentatious kitchen accessories when the brothers Price hit the kitchen for an untraditional cooking lesson, often resulting in a culinary joust.

With humour, self-irony and a passion for food at full force, the Price brothers have amassed a fan-base of food-television viewers. Enthusiastic, knowledgeable and charming, the brothers present everything from fine French cuisine to classic dishes like mother used to make them.

The two brothers, Adam and James Price, grew up in a thespian family where food played the leading role. Artistic talent isn’t the only thing the brothers inherited. Their father left them a legacy of appreciation for the classic and modern culinary arts. Recipes and food preparation are spiced with childhood anecdotes and international food-travel experiences. The brothers talk about the origins of the dishes they prepare, while at the same time encouraging experimentation.

Though they fell in the same pot as children, and despite the joint effort that goes into most of their creations, Adam and James are by no means identical. When James is cooking solo, the dishes are classic, while Adam takes a more modern and international approach. James wants things done right according to tradition, while Adam has nothing against taking shortcuts and mixing styles. The rivalry has begun and hopefully dinner is served.

Director Anders Johansen
Producer Anders Johansen
Produced by DR
Duration 29 min.
Year of Production 2008
Original Title Spise med Price