The series Misfits is about being different. About the wonderful, freeing and fantastic in being the odd one out. But it is also about the hardship and the bullying that often go hand in hand with it. About the long journey that every child has to make: A journey that they are led to believe, both by the media and at school, is about whom or what they want to be. A journey that really should be about how you can become yourself. It is a complicated journey that isn’t just relevant but absolutely essential to portray


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A theme week on bullying is planed at Islevgard’s School. Hjordis and the spineless music teacher, Gert, are appointed to arrange a theatre concert. A small group of socially awkward pupils sign up for the theatre troupe. Together they are going to set up a fine, small and cosy performance about bullying. But when the protector of an anti-bullying foundation, the Crown Princess Mary, announces her participation, Helle’s ambition increases significantly. Helle “borrows” a couple of pupils from the local and more privileged music school, and what should have been an anti-bullying project ends up as a prime arena for bullying.

Hjordis has to step up and risks everything, including her own job, to see the project through with her own awkward and nerdy pupils. However, Hjordis’ pupils are not as talented – at least not in a traditional way – and Hjordis has to learn that instead of turning them into something they aren’t – superstars – she has to bring out the best in them and to inspire them to use their own stories in order to create the theatre concert. She persuades the pupils to share and talk about their fears and their dreams, to show who they really are.

But to “show who you really are” can be both very sensitive and socially dangerous and ultimately it can make the lives of the awkward and nerdy kids even more difficult than they initially were. And as both their classmates and their parents are getting increasingly sceptical about Hjordis’ project, Hjordis and the kids have to find a strength and a courage that they didn’t know they had and finally – as a group – show the whole school, who they are and what a princess also can look like.

Director Lars Kaalund
Writer Christian Torpe
Producer Jesper Morthorst
Produced by SF Film Production
Duration 4 x 25 min.
Year of Production 2014
Original Title Hjørdis