Mind the Gap

Tracing your origin and finding your identity have become important issues in a multicultural and globalised world. Mind the Gap follows a Sikh family

Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap follows a Sikh family, originating from Kenya, living in London, who emigrates to Australia and finally travels to India ? in search of their roots. Their story epitomises the problems confronting thousands of families struggling with the clash of cultures, religions and generations in the 21st century.

Dari is a former pop star and London underground driver. He wants to show his daughters India – the country of his roots; to take his family to places which are important to every Sikh. It is meant to be a lesson for his daughters, so they can learn about the country of their ancestors and see what poverty is. So a tube driver’s daughters can appreciate their place in life.

Fate takes them via Australia to India on a journey to Punjab which offers a vivid contrast to their everyday life; through the crowded streets of Delhi to Amritsar, the holiest place for every Sikh.

But Dari’s drive and enthusiasm to show India is tested when the family is forced to stay in places that lack the basics of hygiene and the demanding Himalaya trek puts mollycoddled Kiran’s life at risk. There is a struggle to find affinity to the place and their feelings are mixed.

The scenes of their spiritual journey through India frame the story of a family in transition and their struggle to find their roots and a common ground.

Director Maciej Górski
Producer Monika Braid
Produced by Braidmade Films
Co-Produced by Endboard Productions
Duration 60 min.
Year of Production 2010
Original Title Mind the Gap