Messing With Your Mind

10 episodes
30 min.

Prepare yourself. Prepare your mind. Do you want to see celebrities getting out of their comfort zone? Get some powerful reactions and a better understanding of the very essence of human nature?


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Messing With Your Mind

Messing With Your Mind

messing-with-your-mind_dtw-2014 messing-with-your-mind_dtw-2014_c messing_with_your_mind

The mind controlling host of the show will amaze and surprise his guests and the viewers with his exceptional abilities when he gives you unique insights into the workings of the human brain and what it is really capable off.

In the mystical world of mind control you will see everything from optical illusions and manipulations to hypnotic techniques and plain diversions. The show explores a variety of exciting topics both fun and serious with the sole purpose of enlightening the viewers.

The show will blow your mind nonetheless with it is unique perspective and style and can easily be turned into a variety of formats once the host character is established.

Genre Factual Entertainment
Creator Immergut
Broadcaster DR3
Duration 3 seasons: 10 x 30 min.
Year of Production 2014-2015
Original Title Fuckr med din hjerne