Me and Dad - No Expectations of Applause


A film about getting a second chance: Kathrine has been avoiding her fathe Palle for years. The constant drinking, the immense mess, the human decay of her father simply was too much for her.


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Me and Dad – No Expectations of Applause

Me and Dad – No Expectations of Applause

Me and dad_Official Selection CPHDOX 2014 Me and dad_Best Mid-Length Documentary Danish Film Academy 2015

Now an adult, Kathrine decides to return to her childhood home. She quickly discovers the little human cracks in the massive wall of alcohol which her father has built around him. With small and cautious steps Kathrine and her dad start to find a way to hang out together.

The signs of human existence that Kathrine discovered in the beginning, starts shining through more and more and creating a tiny glimpse of hope for the better. And one day the most unexpected turn of events changes everything; Palle quits drinking.

What started out as a film of a man drinking himself to death suddenly turns into a story of a man who – with the help of his daughter’s patience and love – manages to take control of his own life and change his conditions.

Director Kathrine Ravn Kruse
Producer Mathilde Hvid Lippmann & Mille Haynes
Produced by Made in Copenhagen for DR
Duration 59 min.
Year of Production 2014