A hilarious series for the whole family.


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In 16 amusing episodes we follow a young boy who toils with both the smaller and greater questions of life. Each episode stands on its own with a main theme – such as that of being famous.

Max is the story of a 12-year-old boy and his private universe of thoughts on values, moral and norms. Find out what it is like being 12 years old and on the verge of the infamous teen years, and having to put up with an all time embarrassing mum.

Max lives with his mum – an unemployed historian with a particular interest in the great historic battles of war, which she enacts at home on a model battlefield. Be-sides her interest in history, she also seems to have a tendency of unintentionally putting Max in awkward positions. Like the time when he runs into a famous comedian who gives him an autograph and his mum actually makes him go back and return it – how embarrassing!

Join Max as he encounters some of the hilarious experiences life has to offer a 12-year-old boy. Like when Max goes to see the school nurse and is told he hasn’t grown for an entire year…

Or when he – almost – makes it all the way to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest!

And what about the time mum decides that their next door neighbour, the famous actor, can help Max become more mannish?

And what happens when the annoying girl next door throws the coolest birthday bash ever – way cooler than Max’ party?

Director Lotte Svendsen
Producer Thomas Meyer
Produced by Max Film
Duration 16 x 30 min.
Year of Production 2007 - 2008
Original Title Max