Marie Cavallier


What does it take to become a real princess? This programme paints an intimate portrait of Marie Cavallier – a princess to be. It gives the viewers a unique insight into her life before and after her meeting with Prince Joachim of Denmark.


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Marie Cavallier

Marie Cavallier

On May 24th 2008 Marie Cavallier will marry Prince Joachim of Denmark. And assume the title of Her Royal Highness Princess Marie.

This exclusive and unique portrait follows Marie Cavallier through the last couple of months leading up to the royal wedding. Through her introduction to a new language, a new culture, a new history and a new faith. When the man of your dreams happens to be a real prince, marriage brings challenges beyond choosing the right wedding dress.

The programme traces her life from her childhood in France, over boarding school and her stay in the States, to her meeting with Prince Joachim. We go skiing with the happy couple in the Alps, meet Marie Cavallier’s father in Paris and see what her everyday life is like in Geneva. And we follow her throughout her royal education in the palaces in Denmark. The programme is primarily based on interviews with the future princess but also introduces some of the people close to her: her fiancé, her family, her closest friend – and her beloved dog Apple!

The key element in this portrait of Marie Cavallier is transformation. When she became engaged to the Prince of Denmark, a journey began – literally and mentally. Follow an extraordinary woman’s journey to becoming a princess.

Director Per Wennick
Producer Per Wennick
Produced by DR
Duration 55 min.
Year of Production 2008
Original Title Prinsesse på Vej. Portræt af Marie Cavallier