A voyage into understanding the masculinities of Islam


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Why does a man in Kuwait inspired by the 99 names of Allah and the Quranic stories create comics about super heroes called the 99? Why does a man in Bangladesh travel from one village to another where he teaches the community how to play a board game? Why does a man in Indonesia encourage other men wearing miniskirts in a demonstration?

They all have the same target. They want to challenge the dark side of the masculinities and they want to reform Islam. Since Nefise was a little girl she was aware of the fact that boys have more privileges than girls. However these privileges, which have kept the wheels of patriarchy turning, have not given happiness to women or to men.

Now Nefise is on a quest to find the stories of men who want to purify and perge Islam of patriarchy. After her two previous films about Islam Gender me (about homosexuality and Islam) and A Balloon for Allah (Women and Islam), in her last part of the trilogy the Norwegian/Turkish director Nefise Lorentzen, wrestles with the male power of Islam, questioning its masculinity by introducing us to the male Muslims who are working against a Muslim patriarchy.

Director Nefise Özkal Lorentzen
Producer Jørgen Lorentzen
Produced by Integral Film for NRK
Duration 58 min.
Year of Production 2014
Original Title ManIslam