Man With A Family


A bittersweet family portrait of the Strandbergs as they move to an isolated cabin in the north- western part of Greenland. Once settled in the icy paradise, all seems to be going well — until everything starts going very wrong.


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Man With A Family

Man With A Family

Mikael Strandberg has spent the last 33 years as an explorer and documentary filmmaker, often travelling alone in extreme environments. But this time he has brought along the love of his life, his wife Pam, and his two daughters, Dana, 5, and Eva, 7.

They fall immediately in love with Greenland and the great surrounding nature. The girls integrate quickly into the local school and Pam is lucky to find a job gutting fish at the local factory. They spend most of their time outdoors, and feel that finally, after years of searching, they have found a place where they belong.

Winter is coming, and so does misfortune; Suddenly, Pam starts disappearing at night. And something is very wrong with their eldest daughter Eva. Under suspicion of a brain tumor the girl is carried by helicopter to a hospital in Copenhagen. In the meantime, Mikael discovers Pam is having an affair and enters a state of shock and disbelief.

But that is not the end. The end is much better than that.

Director Mikael Strandberg
Producer Mikael Strandberg
Produced by Mikael Strandberg for SVT
Release 2019