The Man Whose Mind Exploded


“Two attempted suicides. Two nervous breakdowns and two comas. I’m in my seventh life now and I love it. I love it all” Drako Oho Zahazar, last interview, August 2011.


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The Man Whose Mind Exploded

The Man Whose Mind Exploded

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As a young and extraordinarily beautiful man, Drako Zahazar danced at the Folies Bergeres and through a life as exotic as his name. A model for Dali & Warhol, drug dealer for actor Keith Richards, the gay husband of an Italian poet for only one day and actor for Derek Jarman.

His fantastic voyage ended in a horrific car accident that robbed him of his looks, part of his brain and most of his ability to remember. We meet Drako, 74, in a tiny flat. In it he is created an extraordinary artwork that is a sculptural autobiography.

It weaves a unique story full of art, love, passion and it has to be said, an eye-watering amount of pornography? Drako’s gloriously dirty mind and total lack of shame in sharing it, is one of his most life-affirming characteristics. It ends in death, and a new understanding.

A touching, funny and at times tragic film about acceptance and love, in which the director does what Drako could not; tell the story of his life.

Director Toby Amies
Producer Rob Alexander & Kat Mansoor
Produced by Perfectmotion Ltd & Animal Monday
Duration 58 & 74 min.
Year of Production 2012
Original Title The Man Whose Mind Exploded