Maina Sofie – Christmas Up North

4 episodes
25 min.

Enter a magical world where people live close to nature…

Maina Sofie – Christmas Up North

Maina Sofie – Christmas Up North

Most of the time nine-year-old Maina Sofie lives a quiet, peaceful life, but this is about to change. Exciting things start to happen in the days before Christmas.

Maina Sofie’s father is a doctor and one day he happens upon a scooter accident. Maina Sofiegets to guide the helicopter rescue team to the scene of the accident. Soon after, a photographer visits the family’s farm. She is definitely not used to animals and ends up causing a heap of trouble!

Exciting things are happening in Maina Sofie’s tent as well. After a night spent dreaming of Christmas presents and of summers gone by, as if by magic, she wakes up to find a gift lying beside her.

Join Maina Sofie and her family as they prepare for the holidays in the beautiful winter wonderland of the North.

Director & Producer Eimar Matre
Produced by TV2 Norway
Duration 4 x 25 min.
Year of Production 2003
Original Title Christmas Up North