Maasai on the Move


Over the course of one year, this documentary film follows four Maasai living in one of the world’s most beautiful natural resorts: the Ngorongoro Safari Park in Tanzania.


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Maasai on the move

Maasai on the move

Maasai on the move_Official selection IDFA 2011

At once sharp and poetic, this film explores issues such as globalisation, development, wealth and love in the Maasai culture. Leaving stereotypes behind, the documentary shows us a people greatly aware of the world we inhabit, and invites us to recognise the need to change our lifestyles in order to survive. It will confront us with our habitual conceptions and pre-justices about indigenous people and about the actual meaning of development.

The Ngorongoro district, home to the Maasai people, is one of the world’s most popular safari-locations. The Maasai have maintained their traditional way of life for centuries, and still they are fully aware of both global warming and the financial crisis. And they are very much influenced by both.

The access to land is fundamental, but it is a daily struggle with the authorities to maintain the right to land that has been their home for centuries. This conflict is bit of a paradox, as the Maasai have always been living in harmony with the wildlife – the primary reason why wildlife is found to such abundance in Maasai areas. But the problem is the huge income from tourism, an income the authorities would like to keep to themselves.

Director Morten Vest & Robin Schmidt
Producer Robin Schmidt
Produced by Filmselskabet
Duration 50 min.
Year of Production 2010
Original Title Masaier På Vej