Ludvig and Santa Claus

Children & Youth

A tractor slowly pulls a wagon across a windswept countryside towards a medieval manor house atop a lonely hill.

– a Christmas Tale for the Entire Family


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Ludvig and Santa Claus

Ludvig and Santa Claus

The Glad family sits in the wagon: the mother, Kirsten; 16-year-old Rebekka, outgoing and beautiful; 8-year-old, rambunctious Rasmus; and 12-year-old Ludvig, who is the most excited to be moving to the ancient Glad home. Their father, Niels, is there as a Skype image on a laptop looking out on the empty Børglum Monastery, the 500-year-old manor house which he has inherited.

But Børglum is not empty. It is haunted by four ghosts, led by Stygge Krumpen, the legendary Bishop of Børglum, who ruled this remote part of Denmark like a king.

Ludvig has a mission. He wants to find the fabled Crown of the Virgin Mary. He believes if he can find it, his father, a busy toy-company executive who is always away on business, will have enough money to finally spend all his time with his family. When an ancient inscription prophesizing a Chosen One mysteriously appears over the Børglum gate, Ludvig thinks he has a clue to the treasure.

Stygge Krumpen has a dream, too. He wants to come back to life. Now that the inscription has appeared, he knows the time has arrived. But first he must find the crown, which has been broken into three pieces, each hidden somewhere in the manor house.

Meanwhile, far up north in a magical workshop, Santa Claus and his wife, Julie, have a fight. After an argument in which Julie says she could run Christmas by herself, Nicholas (Santa’s first name) flies off angrily in his sleigh.
There is only one place Nicholas can think of going – the place where he grew up, Børglum Monastery.

Ludvig brings together a small group of kids, along with Nicholas, and sets out in search of the crown. During the search, Ludvig also uncovers long-hidden secrets of the manor house that threaten not only his family and their home, but Christmas itself. The kids find themselves in the midst of a magical adventure that brings together ghosts, Santa’s elves, secret passageways, hidden treasure and even an angel.

Nicholas is hired as the kids’ nanny. Niels finds himself running Santa’s workshop. Rebekka falls in love with a ghost. And Ludvig uncovers a secret so shocking it threatens Christmas: Santa Claus is not who everyone thinks he is.
The unexpected twists and turns of the adventure lead to a grand climax in Børglum’s medieval church, where Ludvig must confront Stygge Krumpen, who has possessed the body of his father.

Ludvig discovers that he is the Chosen One and, recovering the magical crown which Stygge has stolen from him, he subdues Stygge, saves his father, his family and the manor house, and Christmas by bringing Santa and Mrs. Claus together again.

Directors Søren Frellesen & Tilde Harkamp
Producer Morten Rasmussen
Produced by Deluca Film for TV 2
Duration 24 x 30 min.
Year of Production 2011
Original Title Ludvig og Julemanden