Love in a Straw


In many countries around the world it is illegal – but not in Denmark. To be artificially inseminated as a single woman


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Love in a Straw

Love in a Straw

Family patterns are changing. In Denmark sperm donation can still be anonymous and the number of women from around the world travelling to the country to conceive by artificial insemination has soared. And more and more single women now go on the internet to buy semen and get inseminated by a midwife in a clinic. But what motivates single women to make this choice ? to become pregnant without a father to the child?

Signe and Maria do not know each other but they are in the same situation. As young girls they played with their dolls and dreamt about finding true love, a man, having children, building a family. About living happily ever after. But after years of searching and numerous failed relationships their biological clock are ticking ? really fast. Close to 40, disillusioned about how life has turned out and the lack of possibility to get pregnant the ‘normal’ way they are desperate.

But it is not easy to turn your back on a long life dream about a man and the traditional family and take matter into your own hand and get pregnant alone. But if they do not they may never become mothers.

Director Søs Hoffman
Producer Thomas Houkjær
Produced by DR
Duration 58 min.
Year of Production 2013
Original Title Kærlighed på strå