Lost Diamond


A horrifying uncovering of abuse from people in the highest powers. And while the public cries for justice, the police silence the case.

Lost Diamond

Lost Diamond

15 years ago, a baby girl was born in the suburbs of Kaunas, Lithuania. When the little girl was two years old, her mother left her with the child’s father and his parents. When she is four, she begins to see her mother again.

After a longer visit with her mother, the girl is very upset and, appallingly, begins to vocalise stories about male strangers who abused her in the presence and supervision of her mother.

She points out powerful people as perpetrators. Her worried father demands authorities investigate but gets no help. A nation, fed up with corruption and organised crime, stands up to support him. Then the perpetrators are killed. The father is found dead and tortured. A massive police intervention takes the girl away from her aunt to reunite her with her mother. Now the girl is missing. Her name is Deimanthe.

A true crime investigation through decades, through continents and through powerful systems. Will the truth finally be uncovered?

Director Andreas Rocksén
Producers Peter Engel, Andreas Rocksén
Produced by Wingman Media, Laika Film For DR
Format Feature & 1 hour
Release 2021