Long, Live, Love


Young, cancer-stricken and with a will to fight for her life. A raw and touching film about a strong independent teenage girl.


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Long, Live, Love

Long, Live, Love

Long, Live, Love is a coming-of-age story about Rosemarie – a teenager whose life has repeatedly introduced a seriousness, for which she is far too young. After beating cancer, twice, Rosemarie is now eager to get back to a typical teenage life of partying, drinking and kissing boys. But in the aftermath of her daughter’s illness, Rosemarie’s mother is paralyzed by fear of losing her and thus a constant reminder to Rosemarie when she was ill.

The film unfolds an intense mother-daughter drama, which Rosemarie must go through in order to understand and reconnect with her mother. Rosemarie is being suffocated with care, but at the same time she feels she can not reach her mother, who has barricaded herself behind an emotional armour for fear of losing her daughter.

Long, Live, Love is a raw, gripping and honest portrayal of a mother-daughter relationship under unimaginable pressure. But it is also a film about a highly unusual young woman, who knows what she wants but at the same time finding yourself in the chaos called life.

Director Signe Skibholt
Producer Helle Faber
Produced by Made in Copenhagen for DR
Format 79 min. and 2 x 28 min.