The Light of Eternity


No material in the world reflects light as powerfully as a diamond


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The Light of Eternity

The Light of Eternity

Diamonds have always been the ultimate symbol of wealth, courage and everlasting love. Sparkling with such an overwhelming beauty, it is often said that diamonds must contain fragments from the birth of our Universe.

The Light of Eternity – the beauty of a diamond is a journey into the seductive world of diamonds and the fascinating craftsmanship which transforms what is in essence just a stone among other stones into a shiny and sparkling jewel.

The film takes place in Antwerp, the traditional capital of diamonds, and exclusively leads the viewers behind the closed doors of a secret world of discretion and integrity. Here they have traded and manufactured diamonds for centuries.

Through the outstanding cinematography of award winning DOP Lars Skree (Armadillo), viewers witness diamond deals worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. And follow the process that turns stones into jewels: from the grading of quality to the extremely difficult craft of polishing diamonds in one of the world’s leading polishing factories. Through a combination of traditional methods and highly advanced computer technology, the industry continues to set new standards for the beauty of diamonds.

Directors & Producers Cathrine la Cour & Niels Birkemose
Produced by Elmstreet Media
Duration 50 min.
Year of Production 2011
Original Title The Light of Eternity