Life Extended

A documentary art film about one of our time?s most active utopias ? the pursuit of immortality.


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Life Extended

Life Extended

The aspiration to extend human life has existed as long as humanity itself. Researchers are convinced that the life-span of humans will increase radically within a foreseeable future. Some even believe that immortality is within reach for human beings.

But what are the consequences of this elongated life-span? What will our society look like when the average person lives 150 years? Can we handle the resultant overpopulation of elderly people? How will the basic philoso-phical questions about life, death, and time change? Will the speed of our lives slow down when we live twice as long? Will the fear of death increase even more as we push it further away? And will a new social class of long lived citizens emerge?

Life Extended attempts to create an updated version of the static “staircase of life.” A challenging image of the human life span in constant motion and a Memento Mori turned upside down.

Directors Bigert & Bergström
Producers Bigert, Bergström & Jonas Kellagher
Produced by Eight Millimetres AB
Duration 58 min.
Year of Production 2008
Original Title Life Extended