Venus - Let's Talk About Sex


This is a film born out of sexual frustrations.


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Venus – Let’s Talk About Sex

Venus – Let’s Talk About Sex


Two female directors make an open casting call for an erotic film based on true sexual experiences. 100 curious women respond to the casting ad, but the auditions take an unpredictable turn from the original plan. Slowly the women start to take over the interviews leaving the Directors silent. The young women’s immediacy to understand themselves suddenly becomes an intimate arena where an unexpected choir of honesty creates the potential to rethink the language of female sexuality.

The motivation of the film comes from the exact same frustrations and questions as the female participants of the film. The two Directors grew up in the 90’s in the supposedly liberated Scandinavia. But how liberated are we exactly in this confusing landscape of our time? The Internet access has forever changed the way we look at ourselves, combined with an entire cultural history almost solely defined through the male gaze. Perhaps the perspective is skewed into confusion? The film is a humorous, philosophical, cinematic piece that asks more questions than it answers, but it is also a rare authentic film showing the vulnerability and power of young women trying to figure out how to join the irrational sexual desire with being a civilized adult human being. Venus explores how a new generation of younger women anno 2015 relate to themselves as sexual beings.

Director Mette Carla Albrechtsen & Lea Glob
Producer Jesper Jack & Kirstine Barfod
Produced by House of Real for DR TV in association with UR, RUV, NRK and CH8
Duration Feature & 1 hour
Year of Production 2016
Original Title Venus - Naked Female Confessions