Let’s Get Lost

Meet Julie who is up to her ears in avenging her ex-boyfriend and dealing with her three, obnoxious male friends who seem to have occupied her house, in this award winning film.

Let’s Get Lost

Let’s Get Lost

Three years ago Julie let her friend Mogens stay over, on the couch, for the weekend.

He is still there! Mogens dreams of conducting an orchestra while actually making a living off social security. Julie’s second friend Thomas wants to be a writer but is still struggling with the first chapter and the third friend Steffen makes a living swindling unemployment benefits.

The three guys have completely taken over Julie’s apartment, with their beer, television and endless quarrels over football. Julie, in the meantime, is busy plotting her revenge on the boyfriend who left her.

Director Jonas Elmer won the most prestigious Danish film award, a Bodil, in 1998 for this debut feature film, later followed by a Robert awarded by the Danish Film Academy for best feature film of the year. Lets Get Lost was originally intended as a short film, but when the Oscar winning producer Per Holst had a closer look at it, he insisted that Jonas Elmer made it into a full length feature.

Per Holst, a major force behind works by Lars von Trier, Bille August and Bo Widerberg, got exactly what he wanted; a charming, improvised, low budget, black and white award winner.

Director Jonas Elmer
Producer Per Holst
Produced by Per Holst Film A/S for New Fiction Film Denmark
Duration 95 min.
Year of Production 1997
Original Title Let's Get Lost