Lethal Fake Medicine


Fighting the world´s fastest growing criminal business


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Lethal Fake Medicine

Lethal Fake Medicine

Fake drugs kill more than half a million people every year. Falsifying medicine has become a huge, internationally-orchestrated, highly profitable criminal business. As a result, fake drugs are also a growing threat to public health. There are no easy ways to fight this menace, as it pervades so many layers of society and bureaucracy.

With unique access, ”Killerpills” follows some of the professional people, who put up a real fight against fake drugs and the fastest growing criminal industry in the world right now, fueled by the possibilities for illegal trade over the internet.

Cecilia Fant, Intelligence officer and head of the Interpol Operation Pangea, has a mission: to stem the vast flow of illegal drugs. She has abandoned her family life and works around the clock with her colleagues from different parts of the world, trying to create the momentum for change.

The documentary also follows an American family who lost their mother who was not treated with the cancer drugs she needed so badly, but with mould and water at her trusted doctor’s clinic.

Director Morten Krøgholt
Producer Vibeke Vogel
Produced by Bullitt Film for DR in association with SVT, VRT, CH8, ERR, LTV, TVP & RTS
Duration 1 hour
Year of Production 2016
Original Title Medicin der dræber