The Legacy I-II-III


Season 1: 10 x 58 min.

Season 2: 7 x 58 min.

Season 3: 9 x 58 min.

Also available as scripted

The Legacy is a character-driven drama series about what it means to be a family in a time when classical family patterns have radically changed. Jesper Christensen, Trine Dyrholm, Mikkel Boe Følsgaard and
many others starring in this drama that aired in DR’s primetime.


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The Legacy – I, II & III

The Legacy – I, II & III


The Legacy is a very modern family portrait. A description of the ‘68 generation and their children. A narrative about the sharp traces and consequences left by an intense time of upheaval upon modern family life – whether it takes place in a seemingly liberated and progressive artist’s home or in a more traditional and community-oriented, provincial environment.

The Legacy follows four grown-up children of an artist called Veronika. Their free and chaotic childhood has left its marks on them in very different ways. They live scattered to the four winds until Veronika dies and they gather to wind up the estate. Just before she dies, Veronika leaves the estate to her daughter Signe, who was given up for adoption.

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Director Pernilla August a.o.
Head Writer Maya Ilsøe
Producers Karoline Leth and Christian Rank
Episode Writers Per Daumiller, Anders August, Lasse Kyed Rasmussen, Karina Dam, Lolita Bellstar, Maja Jul Larsen, Lars K. Andersen, Tommy Bredsted, Nanna Westh & Maja Juul Larsen
Produced by DR Drama
Cast Trine Dyrholm (In A Better World, Love Is All You Need, A Royal Affair), Jesper Christensen (Casino Royale, The Bench, Quantum Of Solace, Spectre), Mikkel Boe Følsgaard (A Royal Affair, The Rain)
Original Title Arvingerne I + II + III
Duration Season 1: 10 x 58 min. & Season 2: 7 x 58 min. & Season 3: 9 X 58 min.
Release 2014-2017