Law of the Jungle


Deep in the Peruvian rainforest a police officer is killed – and somebody has to pay


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Law of the Jungle

Law of the Jungle

Law of the jungle_nordic

The government rounds up the usual suspects and accuses indigenous leaders of murder and terrorism. But there are no actual witnesses, and no one seems to care about the torture and ensuing revenge murder carried out by the police commandos.

The indigenous people are poor and despised by the majority public, so their chances of winning a courtroom battle are next to none.

But a young indigenous leader, Fachin, refuses to give in. With help from a local British missionary, he contacts a well-known Peruvian defence lawyer who specializes in indigenous cases and starts fighting back!

To prove their innocence, Fachin and the lawyer, Jorge Tacuri, investigate the case and discover an independent witness: a catholic priest, Jose Noa, who was filming the event which lead to the killing when police commandos and local villagers clashed on an oil company’s airstrip in the Amazon jungle.

The problem is that the witness has gone underground. He knows all too well what powers the police and the oil companies possess. So, like in many cases before, the indigenous people prepare to lose the battle and to meet their unalterable destinies in prison – unless they can track down the witness before it’s too late.

Director Michael Christoffersen & Hans la Cour
Producer Stefan Frost & Henrik Underbjerg
Produced by Radiator Film for DR in association with YLE
Duration 60 min.
Year of Production 2011