Enter the world of Japaneese architecture and gain deeper insight into the various traditions as well as visions for the future that have impacted this characteristic art form.


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This is a film about the ideas inherent in Japanese architecture – as seen from the West, and as seen from within Japan.

Winding its way through visions of the future, traditions, nature, concrete, gardens, and high-tech, Kochuu tells us how contemporary Japanese architects strive to unite the ways of the modern man with the old philosophies in astounding constructions.

The film illustrates how modern Japanese architecture has taken its roots in the Japanese traditions and how this has further impacted on the Nordic building-tradition.

It is characterized by the meeting between the spiritual and the rational traditions and visions of the future. What are the conceptual and physical remains from traditional Japanese architecture and philosophy in modern Japanese architecture?

Director & Producer Jesper Wachtmeister
Produced by Solaris Filmproduction
Duration 52 min.
Year of Production 2003
Original Title Kochuu - Japanska Forma