The Kingdom Behind the Scenes

On 16 April 2010, the Queen of Denmark, HM Queen Margrethe II, turned 70.

In honor of this occasion, the Royal Family has given exclusive access to HM The Queen’s innermost circles for a year. To the family and to the staff that has considerable influence on the oldest monarchy in the world.


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The Kingdom Behind the Scenes

The Kingdom Behind the Scenes

A television crew is present when key employees in the hub of the royal household plan everything from a state visit to Vietnam, a COP15 dinner with the entire world watching, to summer visits in small towns across the country.

However, the television crew is also present when the royal couple and the crown prince couple assert themselves as employers as well as when they take on the responsibilities, patronages and tasks that constitute the highest offices in Denmark.

The series shows the tasks and red-letter days behind the scenes and according to the dogma:
When it is unofficial, we film it. When it is official, we do not.

We’re right behind the Queen and her family when they step out on the balcony to receive the homage of the people on Amalienborg Palace Square on the Queen’s birthday.
We’re present during the tactical considerations before Crown Prince Frederik attends a press conference about his controversial election to the International Olympic Committee, but we’re also present when he rides his bike to pick up his two children in daycare.
We’re in the maternity ward when the seventh heir to throne is born to Princess Marie and Prince Joachim, who also introduced the concept of divorce in the Royal Family

Through candid interviews and documentary surprises, The Kingdom behind the Scenes gives up-to-date insight into the Royal Family’s work as well as reflections on maintaining the popularity of the Royal Family without them becoming tabloid celebrities on the red carpet.

Director Anders Agger
Producer Steen Jensen
Produced by DR in association with SVT, NRK & YLE
Duration 7 x 29 min.
Year of Production 2009-2010
Original Title Kongehuset Indefra