The King of Calls


75 hopeful sales agents embark on a mission impossible.

The King of Calls

The King of Calls

Work starts at 8 pm when America wakes up. “The American Yellow Pages” — a business directory somewhat similar to the original “Yellow Pages” — have outsourced their telemarketing to India.

Kabith, their Indian executive is building his career as a call centre tycoon. He has hired 75 fresh sales agents to sell listings for $459.95 a piece. Equipped with a new American name and rudimentary English they are thrown at the customers. The nights drag on in the call centre while conversations are made across the continents.

Confusion is king and no deals are done. While the agents are dialling for dear life, Kabith grows increasingly desperate. People are hired and fired and scolded on the way.

We are at the frontier of globalization. And as always in India, happiness and misery are close companions.

Director & Producer Jens Pedersen
Produced by Jens Pedersen A/S
Duration 29 min.
Year of Production 2008
Original Title Telefon fra Indien