The Killing


BAFTA Winner – Scandinavian rights only for season III


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The Killing – I, II & III

The Killing – I, II & III

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Never before has Danish drama travelled so much. We are delighted to present some of our award-winning series featuring the best directors and casts in Scandinavia.

The series is among the best ever produced for television.

Multi-award winning and internationally acclaimed crime series introducing Chief Inspector Sarah Lund.

In the first season, the murder of a young girl prompts a police investigation with personal and political consequences.

The second series saw Lund caught up in a web of top-level cover-ups, betrayals and lies set in a time of fear – that of Islamic terrorism.

Now Sara Lund is about to embark on her third investigation…

Director Kristoffer Nyholm, a.o.
Author Søren Sveistrup, Michael W. Horsten & Torleif Hoppe
Producer Piv Bernth
Produced by DR Drama
Duration 40 x 58 min.
Year of Production 2007-2012
Original Title Forbrydelsen I, II & III