In Accra, the capital of Ghana, 10.000 girls from the ages of 6 work as real-life shopping baskets called Kayayo, carrying heavy loads on their heads.


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Kayayo – The Living Shopping Baskets

Kayayo – The Living Shopping Baskets


The girls earn very little and some end up in prostitution to make ends meet. The documentary follows 8-year-old Bamunu, who works as a Kayayo to support her family. When we meet her, she has been away from her family and her home for two years. Bamunu has an incessant longing to get away from the harsh markets and reunite with her family. But her journey back home seems to be much crueler than an 8-year-old could ever imagine.

Director Mari Bakke Riise
Producer Jørgen Lorentzen
Produced by Integral Film
Duration 32 min.
Year of Production 2017