Katla is Coming


A film about one of the most magnificent and terrifying volcanos on earth.


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Katla is Coming

Katla is Coming

Katla is Coming tells the story of the massive Icelandic volcano Katla and what will happen when it erupts again. And scientists agree that Katla’s next eruption could be very soon. Katla is among the most frequently erupting volcanoes in Iceland, averaging about two eruptions each century. The last eruption in Katla occurred in 1918. The Southern coast was extended by 5 km by the laharic flood deposits.

The present volcanic response is among the longest known in historic times but monitoring of ground deformation and seismicity does not reveal any signs of reawakening. But alarmingly, there are signs of high activity beneath Katla caldera – a possible sign of an impending eruption. This should prompt extensive high-level contingency planning across Europe, as Katla has the potential to be much more damaging than Eyjafjallajökull. If enough material is ejected it could even have a cooling effect on the global climate for several years. Last time Katla erupted was 100 years ago – is it time again?

Director Lára Ómarsdóttir
Producers Lára Ómarsdóttir & Einar Rafnsson
Produced by RÚV
Year of Production 2019
Original Title KATLA kemur