Karen Blixen - Out of this World


An award-winning portrait of the world-famous Danish author.


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Karen Blixen – Out of this World

Karen Blixen – Out of this World

Karen blixen out of this world_Best Foreign Documentary Karen blixen out of this world_The Grand Jury Prize Best Documentary_2006 Karen blixen out of this world_Best Cinematography New York 2006

This is the story of the incredible life of Karen Blixen/ Isak Dinesen – a story just as dramatic as her own fantastic tales. It is a story about a formidable and extraordinary woman, a vain eccentric, and a very sensitive human being, whose life was characterized by great ups and downs.

The documentary takes the viewer on a journey through the author’s life as described by many of those who were close to her. A journey that not only documents her extraordinary life, her extensive travels and the people she encountered-but one which also depicts the era in which she lived. A time of adventure, eccentric aristocrats, and of unending possibility and immeasurable hardship.

Karen Blixen, herself, appears on old films and footage from numerous television shows. And with special permission from the author’s family, the authors were granted access to unique photos and letters from the private archives-many of which have never been made public. To complement the rich imagery of this film, additional footage and historical reenactments have been shot on location in Denmark and Kenya.

Introduced by actress Meryl Streep, Karen Blixen-Out of this World tells the real story behind the inspiration for the Academy Award winning film, Out of Africa.

Directors & Producers Marcus Mandal & Anna von Lowzow
Produced by Nordisk Film A/S & DR
Duration 58 min.
Year of Production 2005
Original Title Karen Blixen - Out of this World