Karen Blixen - Behind Her Mask


She called herself the Devil’s friend


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Karen Blixen – Behind Her Mask

Karen Blixen – Behind Her Mask

The world famous writer, Karen Blixen, described herself as a story-teller, but within a small inner circle she talked about herself as ‘the Devil’s friend’ and thanked him for his ability to convert everything into stories.

This fascinated Professor Aage Henriksen, who through a decade developed a close relationship with Karen Blixen. He tried to go beneath the deep layers of Blixen in order to understand her complex being, and was at the same time exposed to Blixen’s approaches, which brought him in contact with the occultism Blixen surrounded herself with. This gave birth to some hair-raising and shocking incidents.

Aage told many of these stories to his son Morten, when Morten was ten-years-old. They still intrigue Morten, and now he has made this documentary in order to get answers to some of the questions before his father dies. The film consists of interviews with his father, re-enactments and archival footage, whereby he tells Blixen and his father’s story.

Director Morten Henriksen
Producer Karen Baumbach
Produced by No Exit Production
Duration 55 min.
Year of Production 2011
Original Title Bag Blixens maske