Judge for One Day

6 episodes
30 min.

What sentence would you give – if you were judge for one day?


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Judge for One Day

Judge for One Day

Have you ever discussed the penalty given for a specific crime? Felt indignation that the pedophile was sentenced one year in prison, while the insurance fraud got life? Do you feel that real life sentences are completely out of touch with what the general public wants? In Judge For One Day, 8 ordinary people see the reconstruction of a real crime – and give their spontaneous sentence to the perpetrator.
But how will it affect their verdict when 2 more reconstructions outline the aggravated and mitigating circumstance? Will they go up – or down? Is it possible to reach an agreement with the other ‘judges’ – and how different is the result from the real life case sentence? Spiced up with reality sync’s from the agitated contestants and interesting, peculiar and important information from the judicial world, Judge For One Day is a unique new Danish format, that makes the highly sensitive subject of the justice system entertaining and informative.

First season on DR2 had excellent ratings, and also gave an agitated debate on the net, regardless of the crime being vigilante murder, bank robbery, hash smuggling or a home nurse abusing her patient’s credit card.


Genre Factual Entertainment
Creator DR
Broadcaster DR2
Duration 6 x 60 min.
Year of Production 2014
Original Title Dommer for en dag