John Dillermand

Animation 20 x 5 min.

John has the world’s longest willy and stands out from everyone else. It puts him in embarrassing situations. But if someone is in danger, he stands by who he is, and safes the day as a real hero.


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John Dillermand

John Dillermand

John Dillermand is an animated comedy series about daring to stand by who you are.

Being different can be really annoying, quite embarrassing actually. But it can also be a great gift, when you dare to stand by yourself.

John Dillermand has the world’s longest willy and therefore stands out from everyone else. The willy often makes a lot of trouble and puts John in embarrassing situations. It infuriates his great-grandmother and the surroundings. But if someone is in real danger, John Dillermand steps into character and safe the situation. He knows what the right thing to do is, and he finally gets recognition for being exactly who he is – A real hero who stands by himself, John with the world’s longest willy.

Directors Jacob Ley, Tor Fruergaard
Writers Jacob Ley, Maria Nyborg Andreassen
Producer Rosa Somer
Executive Producer Ulla Hasselbalch
Produced by Made by Us for DR Ramasjang
Format 20 x 5 min.
Release 2021