Island of Hope


52 min. and 58 min.

What happens when 200 asylum-seeking boys come to the small danish island Ærø and interact with the local residents?



There is a grave concern in the small community of Ærø when two public centers for unaccompanied boys open in 2015. The Islanders are worried and afraid that the Island is too small for such large group of foreigners. In the beginning the children are met with skepticism but once the inhabitants get to know the teenage boys something unexpected happens. As we witness the lives of several boys who are trying to adapt while awaiting decision in their asylum case, the inhabitant and the boys slowly find a mutual understanding and friendship in the small community. Heartwarming and heartbreaking moments occur in this beautiful almost fairytale-like story where friendships are made for life. ISLAND OF HOPE is a warm and touching story about a wide range of people whose lives, thoughts and relationships are moved and challenged in the encounter with strangers. It’s a film that points to the universal in all people – that we need to be seen and be part of a community.

  • Director

    Helle Toft Jensen

  • Producer

    Helle Toft Jensen, Vibeke Vogel

  • Produced by

    SPOR Media

  • Original title

    Fremmede i Karl Oves Paradis

  • Format

    52 min. and 58 min.

  • Release