Indigenous Peoples

Follow the struggles of four different indigenous peoples – struggles for the right to own their own land and language.

Indigenous Peoples

Indigenous Peoples

Indigenous peoples of the world demand rights. They want the right to own land, the right to their own culture, their own language, and they wish to be recognised as peoples with the right to self-determination. Four programmes delving into the reality of four indigenous peoples on four continents: The Quichuas of Ecuador, the Chakmas of Bangladesh, the Bushmen of South Africa and the Inuit of Greenland.The series is comprised by the following programmes:

New land New Life – Bushmen of South Africa
The Bushmen of South Africa have been close to extermination. Once they were hunters and gatherers roaming the entire country, now they are only very few left. After the fall of apartheid the surviving bushmen have been given back land by the South African state, and now they are trying to build up a new society on what is left of their old culture. Meet the 70’year old /Una Roi, one of the 20 surviving speakers of the ancient bushmen’s language in South Africa.

Demanding Justice – Chakma’s of Bangladesh
For more than 20 years indigenous peoples in Bangladesh have been at war against successive governments of the country. It was a war about land and the right to self-determination, and among the moves of the government was the relocation of 400.000 poor Bengalis unto the indigenous peoples land. Here they have stayed, even after a peace-accord promised that the land would be given back.. Meet Devasish Roy, the 51st king of the Chakma’s, who demand justice for his people.

The Rich Indians – Quichuas of Ecuador
In the wildest part of the Amazonian rainforest in Ecuador a small group other Quichua-indians have founded a new community. They wish to build up a sustainable society based on ancestral knowledge about the forest, its plants and animals. Hereby they hope to obtain footing in the area and be able to save it from exploitation by the oil-companies, who for the last 30 years have left a trail of destruction in big parts of the forest. Meet Alfredo Viteri founder of the new community.

Between Two Cultures – Inuit of Greenland
When Greenland in the 1960‘ties was transformed into a modern well-fare society, Paamiut, a small town on Greenland’s south-western shore, was chosen to become the big industrial fishing-town based exclusively on cod-fish. Fishermen and hunters in the area were moved to town to become industrial workers. Few years later the cod disappeared, and the town faced stagnation and social problems. Meet Lars Sørensen, mayor of Paamiut, who struggles to create a new livelihood for his people.

Director Mette Sejsbo
Producer Anders Dencker Christensen
Produced by Dansk AV Produktion
Duration 4 x 60 min.
Year of Production 2002
Original Title En Verden til Forskel