India: Art Now


Also available as 39 min. version

India is making its way into the international art scene


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India: Art Now

India: Art Now

Indian contemporary art is currently undergoing a rapid and drastic development seeing artists rise to international fame, their very diverse art selling at soaring prices all around the world.

India: Art Now follows four leading Indian contemporary artists in the hectic metropolis of Delhi. Bharti Kher, Vivan Sundaram and artist duo Thukral & Tagra all have their base in the city, each with their own unique expression on the art scene in India today.

The film portrays the life of the individual artists, their motivation and their relation to the local environment. It reveals a universe of installations and fashion design made out of old rubbish collected and sorted by poor people in the streets, white dying elephants covered with bindis and pop art with floating houses on a pink sky made with the aid and of computer graphics.

Director & Producer Peter Thiesen
Produced by Casablanca Film
Duration 28 & 39 min.
Year of Production 2012
Original Title India: Art Now