In the Name of Your Daughter


The right of girls and young women to decide what happens with their own bodies


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In the Name of Your Daughter

In the Name of Your Daughter


In Tanzania, circumcised girls are worth twice as much in terms of dowry as uncircumcised girls. Many girls bleed to death during the annual circumcision season, and therefore a group of girls escape to Rhobi Samwelly’s Safe House, where they are safe from their families.

The main goal of Rhobi and her colleagues is to bring enlightenment, understanding and love back to the families, and together they defend the girls both at home and in the courts.

The film is the story about a modern heroine and some of the bravest girls in the world – girls, who put their lives at risk to change their tough destiny.

Director & Producer Giselle Portenier
Co-Producer Deborah Parks
Produced by Defying Destiny Films for BBC, DR, SVT, EO/IKON & YLE
Duration 60 min. or 86 min.
Year of Production 2018