Iceland’s Heart of Fire

4 episodes
27 min.

What is Vatnajökull in Iceland? For one thing it is Europe´s biggest glacier, but it is far more than just a huge sheet of ice


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Iceland’s Heart of Fire

Iceland’s Heart of Fire

Seven active volcanoes slumber underneath the ice, but can awaken at any time. In its proximity people of the island have learned to live in respect of these fierce powers of nature, which have created and molded a unique landscape that takes your breath away – again and again. This is experienced through the poetic documentary Iceland´s Heart of Fire; where expansive panoramas make the vastness of Europe´s biggest glacier tangible, and by following and interviews the people of the region bring us closer.

Iceland´s Heart of Fire is a nature and culture TV-programme, consisting of four half an long episodes that give insight into the life of the people in Vatnajökull´s realm. The threat that one or more of the seven volcanoes underneath Vatnajökull will erupt is always lurking, causing catastrophic floods and other disturbances for the people of the region – or the world! Such interactions between volcanoes and glaciers can only be witnessed in Iceland.

Director Valdimar Leifsson
Producer Valdimar Leifsson
Produced by Lífsmynd
Duration 4 x 27 min.
Year of Production 2017
Original Title Vatnajokull - Icelands Heart of Fire