I Love You


Seeking its inspiration in “La Sylphide”, this artistic documentary portrays both the staging and the performance of a play, giving the viewers a fascinating glimpse into the world of ballet.

I You Love

I You Love

I love you_Best Danish Short Fiction, Odense Film Festival

Royal Danish Ballet and New York City Ballet dancer-turned-filmmaker, Ulrik Wivel, uses August Bournonville’s only tragedy, ”La Sylphide” as the immediate inspiration for his film, I You Love.

“La Sylphide” is a chamber play of dance telling the story of a young man who runs away on his wedding day to follow his passion, and is subsequently punished.

Wivel’s film focuses on a fictional director’s (played by acclaimed solo dancer Nikolai Hübbe) staging of the play and his work in the studio with eminent Royal Danish Ballet dancers, Mads Blangstrup (playing James), Gudrun Boesen (as the Sylph), and Lis Jeppesen (as Madge). The film shows Hübbe giving brief and inspiring instruction on the play’s themes and
conflicts to the dancers and intercuts these scenes with the same scenes in performance.

I You Love is an exploration of one art form via another. Stunning cinematography and deft direction, coupled with the dancers’ evolving interpretations creates an exhilarating, impressionistic examination of Bournonville’s characters.

Director Ulrik Wivel
Producer Marianne Christensen
Produced by Royal Danish Theatre
Duration 24 min.
Year of Production 2005
Original Title Jeg Dig Elsker