I Am The Ambassador


What exactly does an ambassador do? And how does an ambassador manage to become the most well known of his kind throughout the history of the country?


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I Am The Ambassador

I Am The Ambassador

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With a past in Hollywood as a creative executive and later on as the finance director of President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign Rufus Gifford – US ambassador – moved to Denmark in 2013 with his partner Stephen DeVincent. Rufus wants to make a difference and he has plenty of ideas, whether it is attending official business or fighting for LGBT-rights, a cause that throughout his life has been of great importance to him. With his untraditional ways and modern approach to diplomacy, Rufus works to establish and maintain the relationship between the United States and Denmark.

This is an honest, truly unique and inspiring portrait of the Ambassador of the U.S. to the Kingdom of Denmark, Rufus Gifford, who provides you with an inside perspective into his professional as well as private life, his thoughts and experiences; successes as well as failures.

I Am the Ambassador is a ten part documentary series that has received both national and international acclaim.

Directors Niels Krogsgård & Nelle Renberg Andersen
Producers Lasse Charley Pedersen & Erik Struve Hansen
Produced by DR3
Duration 10 x 28 min.
Year of Production 2015
Original Title Jeg er ambassadøren I+II