Human Smugglers


A documentary revealing the wellorganized world of human smugglers operating in and outside Europe.


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Human Smugglers

Human Smugglers

For the first time human smugglers will reveal – on camera – the secrets of their trade. We offer an inside and real picture of the industry that has brought millions of migrants to Europe within a short span of years. When European Politicians promise to put an end to the uncontrolled and illegal influx, this is the force that they are up against.

An astonishing insight to how one of the largest travel agencies in the World – human smugglers – operate: offering tailor-made travel arrangements to individuals and groups according to their financial potential, producing false documents and insight to different routes and departure beaches. Working together, competing, networking and mingling as in other industries, only here under the pressure of being illegal.

You will also meet the relentless fight to get smugglers behind bars personated by an Italian prosecutor that was born in mafia-infested Palermo and believes the smugglers are all the same. Along with European authorities he has waged a war against the human smugglers, but what are their chances of success?

Director Poul-Erik Heilbuth & Georg Larsen
Produced by DR & ZDF in association with SVT, NRK & RTS
Duration 1 hour
Year of Production 2017