How Evil Are You?

6 episodes
30 min.

The whole experiment is carried out at an old fortress in a mock up prison. Fifteen young men good and true, are assigned to one of two groups: five of them become prison guards and the remaining ten their prisoners.


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How Evil Are You?

How Evil Are You?

The purpose of the experiment is to test whether power turns good men into evil men. On the first day the prisoners are sailed to the prison fortress with bags over their heads and cuffs on their wrists. Will the young men assume their roles of prison guard and prisoner respectively? The experiment is managed from the control room by the presenter and a specially selected psychologist.

Each day has its own challenge with evil in its sights. The challenge may take the form of a question: how far can a figure of authority make men more evil? Can the desire for revenge affect the participants? Can a lack of resources make them more evil? The only contact between the prison guards and the television unit is a walkie-talkie. The control room from which the presenter and the psychologist monitor the experiment is the pivotal point of the series: it is there that the tests are initiated and the results analysed. Each day concludes with an analysis of each subject to see if he has grown more evil.

Genre Reality Experiment
Creator DR / Henrik Bjerring
Broadcaster DR3
Duration 6 x 30 min.
Year of Production 2014
Original Title Ond Ondere Ondest