Horizon - A Vanishing Nation


A report from a nation that faces the ultimate threat of global warming.


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Horizon – a vanishing nation

Horizon – a vanishing nation

Far out in the Pacific Ocean, a president is preparing to close down his country. The global rise in temperatures poses a very real threat to the flat islands of Kiribati. If the water continues to rise the islands will disappear into the ocean. A country and a culture face extinction.

So the president of Kiribati has started looking for another home for his 110,000 countrymen. The programme visits Kiribati and a people who every day watch their nation slowly vanishing into the ocean.

Meet Bwanono Karibwauriri, a school teacher. Who, when asked if he believes what the scientists say about climate change, replies that he believes in what he sees. The water level has risen – and substantially so over the last few years.

Kiatoa Tauro has lived in the same house for the past 40 years. But he might have to move soon – the water is too close now. President Anote Tong has a plan: to give the people of Kiribati a choice. A possibility to assert themselves in the world, when the rising waters will make the islands uninhabitable. But having to orchestra the closing down of your own country is not an easy task.

Director Johan Engbo
Producer Charlotte Harder
Produced by DR
Year of Production 2009
Duration 25 min.
Original Title S√łges: Nyt Land til 100.000