Homo From Hell - A Muslim Gay Comes Out


Is it possible to be both Muslim and gay? And is it possible to find acceptance in your family and your Muslim community if you can’t live up to the heterosexual stereotype?


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Homo From Hell – A Muslim Gay Comes Out

Homo From Hell – A Muslim Gay Comes Out

In this documentary TV-presenter, Abdel Aziz Mahomoud, investigates why so many Muslims do not tolerate homosexuality and believe that it is a sin and even a disease that should be cured.
He seeks out the Imams to get their view on the matter and confront them with interpretations of the Quran and debates them on the subject.

To the public, Abdel Aziz Mahomoud is a Muslim but what we don’t know is that he’s also gay. We follow him when he comes out in public while investigating the matter and invites the most radical members of Islam to an interview, to when they write him online that he should be stoned for being gay and Muslim at the same time.

Abdel Aziz wants to know if he can have both Allah and his boyfriend Andreas in a spectacularly honest matter, leaving the audience in tears.

Finally, it is also time for Abdel to confront his family, and especially his father, with his sexual orientation. The toughest moment in Abdel’s life…

Directors Kenneth Laugaard & Abdel Aziz Mahomoud
Produced by DR TV
Duration 52 min.
Year of Production 2018