Home Ground


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A drama series about Helena Mikkelsen’s struggle to make it as Europe’s first female coach for a men’s team in the National Premier league in Norway.


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Home Ground I

Home Ground I


We follow her story as she moves to a small tight-knit community with strong willed and hard-headed individuals, where she is struggling to balance a life as a single mom with her teenage daughter on the home field, in order to get optimal results on the football field. Home Ground is all about passion, identity, and loyalty. It is about relocating to a small community, trying to gain the respect of others without losing yourself.

Helena Mikkelsen, played by Ane Dahl Torp, known from the internationally acclaimed movie The Wave (2015), plays the role as Helena. She encounters strong resistance from several main characters, including Michael, a soccer pro, played by the former Premier League star John Carew, in a role that has parallels to his own life as a European soccer pro having competed in the Champions League Finals.

The series had world premiere at the Berlinale Series section February 2018, followed by airing on NRK’s primetime drama slot Sundays at 8:15 pm to an average share of 30,0%

Directors Arild Andresen, Cecilie Mosli, Yngvild Flikke, Stian Kristiansen, Eirik Svensson
Creator Johan Fasting
Writers Christian Owe Almerud, Linn Jeanette Kyed, Erlend Loe
Producer Vilje Kathrine Hagen
Executive Producer Vegard Stenberg Eriksen, NRK, Yngve Sæther, Motlys
Produced by NRK & Motlys
Duration 10 x 50 min.
Year of Production 2018
Original Title Heimebane