Home Ground Season 2


8 X 50 MIN.

Helena Mikkelsen and her team are back. Ready to take up the fight for survival and recognition in a man´s world of football. The second season of this thrilling drama just aired with fantastic reviews and ratings.


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Home Ground II

Home Ground II

Helena Mikkelsen and Varg survived their first season in the Norwegian top flight. At the cusp of a new season, the club teeters on the edge of bankruptcy while Helena builds a team from the ground up. With Adrian leading the way for a gang of amateurs and local talent, Varg soon find themselves in an ongoing state of crisis, where financial woes have personal consequences and the troubles tear the team apart from the inside.

Michael´s divorce leads him into court where he must fight Marianne in a brutal battle for the custody of their kids. The hurtful end to their 20-year relationship mirrors Adrian´s beginning love affair with Helena’s daughter Camilla, and soon he will have to make a choice; to remain in the quiet safety of Varg and Ulsteinvik or dare push his way back into the world of professional football, away from the constant troubles of Varg and Helena, into the arms of Camilla.

As Helena is faced with potential sale of Adrian in the midst of Varg´s looming bankruptcy, a saving grace appears in the form of a potential new owner. As the investor makes her dubious intentions known, Helena pits her own ambitions against Espen´s duty to preserve the soul of Varg, leading to a clash of wills only one of them can survive.

Directors Yngve Sæther, Arild Andersen, Stian Kristiansen, Vegard Stenberg Eriksen, Cecilie Mosli (Mammon), Eirik Svensson
Head Writer Johan Fasting
Producer Vilje Kathrine Hagen
Produced by NRK and Motlys
Cast Ane Dahl Torp, Axel Bøyom, Morten Svartveit, Emma Bones and John Carew
Original Title Heimbane
Format 8 x 50 min.
Release 2019