Hingitaq - The Outcasts


The story of the Thule Inuits.

Hingitaq – The Outcasts

Hingitaq – The Outcasts

In 1951 an arrangement between Denmark and the USA led to the establishment of the Thule Air Base in Greenland. The arrangement meant that the native population – almost 200 Greenlandic sealers in the settlement Uummanaq – got four days to pack their belongings. Their village was levelled with the ground and they were moved to Qaanaaq, 150 km. away.

Hingitaq – The Outcasts documents the native population’s lifelong struggle against superiority. It is a story about manipulating officials, injustice, arrogance and misuse of power – and it is a story about the tragedies and traumas of a people far removed from governing authorities and decision-makers.

Directors Ulrik Holmstrup & Jørgen Pedersen
Producer Jesper Fogh Lund
Produced by Lynx Media
Duration 58 Min.
Year of Production 2003/2004
Original Title De Udstødte