Heroes of The Baltic Sea

6 episodes
28 min.

A breathtaking adventure of chasing pirates and hidden treasures.


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Heroes of The Baltic Sea

Heroes of The Baltic Sea

This is a new format created by the YLE, combining historical drama with gamified adventure reality, gameality.

Based on the true story of Hanneke Wrome, a treasure ship that shipwrecked in the Baltic Sea in 1468, the mystery of Axel, a 12-year-old boy, the only survivor of the accident unfolds. Axel escapes the pirates to Estonia, Sweden and finally, after seven years, to Finland where his grieving father lives.

In the adventurous gameality, three real-life teenagers (The Gamers) are given a mission to find out what happened to Axel and where the treasure is hidden. The trio will follow in Axel’s footsteps around the Baltic Sea by completing levels to get closer to the revelation. The Gamers will face various sorts of physical, psychological, scientific and historical tasks from jumping from a helicopter to translating a hidden code. The adventure is led by a game-master, an international treasure hunter.

The narrative and visuals are similar to that of strategy games. The drama sections are very movie-like with high production value, just like the in-game cinematic and cut scenes in games. The TV viewer is provided with the sense of being the fourth member of the crew as new drama sections unfold and reveal the consequences and turning-points in Axel’s life.

Genre Adventure / Edutainment
Creator & Producers Tommi Hakko & Riikka Takila
Broadcaster Yle
Duration 6 x 28 min.
Original Title Heroes of The Baltic Sea