The Heretics


THE HERETICS uncovers the inside story of the Second Wave of the Women’s Movement.


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The Heretics

The Heretics

This documentary is told through the eyes of Joan Braderman, who arrived in New York in 1971 to become a filmmaker. Soon after she joined a feminist art collective at the epicenter of the 70’s artworld in lower Manhattan.

Framed by striking digital graphics, the story is told through archive material and intimate interviews with former members, who like thousands of women at the time believed they were “smarter together than we were separately.”

On the road from New Mexico to Italy, Braderman reconnects with 25 group members, including writer Lucy Lippard, architect Susanna Torre, and filmmaker Su Friedrich. Along the artists’ powerful and expressive works – some being created in their studios – the film evokes the extraordinary times they shared, challenging the terms of gender and power and re-imagining the lives of generations to come.

Director Joan Braderman
Producer Crescent Diamond
Produced by No More Nice Girls Productions
Duration 95 min.
Year of Production 2009
Original Title The Heretics